wesleys questions
Part of John Wesley’s genius, as the founder of the Methodist Movement, was the way he organized to make disciples. He established small groups everywhere he went. When these small groups met, they would go through a list of questions at each meeting. The questions were designed to guide the group members into a deeper walk with God.
Here is the 21st (and final) question:

  1. Is Christ real to me?

What a great question with which to end the series! What would it mean for Christ to be real to me?

In a word, transformation!

Who doesn’t enjoy the stories about Jesus; how he cared for people, healed people, fed people?

The stories of Jesus’ exploits transcend the Christian religion. Before there was Raymond, everybody loved Jesus!

But do the stories make Christ real to us?

I think the difference is this; found in one of the stories of Jesus. On Mark 5 and Luke 8, we find the stories of Jesus healing 2 people. One is the son of Jairus, a synagogue leader, the other is a woman. Both find Jesus, reach out to Jesus, ask Jesus for help, in the midst of a crowd. Mark calls the crowd a “large” crowd, Luke uses the word “smothering.”

The large, smothering crowd was full of people who found Jesus interesting, encouraging, heart-warming.

But Christ was real to Jairus and the nameless woman who reached out to Jesus.

Christ is real to us when we go beyond enjoying the stories and present our needs to Christ.