I am so thankful God has a sense of humor! I am reminded regularly that things I am sure of soon turn out not to be the case.

This is true for me, and it’s true for us as a Church. We know, after all, that nothing is certain but God’s love and faithfulness.

On this note, I need to share with you all an update on our planned relocation and building. Last June, we overwhelmingly approved a plan to sell our current property and buy a site at Ash Lane and Industrial, and build a brand new church.The developer that had agreed to buy our current property has withdrawn their offer. In faithfulness to the decision of our Charge Conference and responsible stewardship, we have, in turn, withdrawn our offer on the Ash Lane property for the time being.

This is not good news, but it isn’t necessarily bad news, either. It is a reminder that we trust in God no matter what else happens.

I also want to assure you that our Real Estate Team is hard at work, and is already close to securing a new buyer for our current property.

This means the following as well: first, our timeline is delayed at least 120 days. That would be the shortest possible period for a new buyer to do all necessary research and inspection. Second, it also means that our having to move from this building is now delayed indefinitely, pending terms of a new deal.

You should also know that in the months since our last Charge Conference on these matters, we have learned quite a bit about construction costs and the interests and needs of our congregation. We are diligently pursuing all possible information and data, and will report to you all again soon.

And remember, no decisions will be final without a vote of our members at a Charge Conference. This means a church-wide meeting with at least 10 days notice.

In this season of expectation and waiting for God’s gracious gift of a savior, please pray for our Church, that we might hear God clearly and pursue faithfulness more than any other thing.

We are working right now on sending out a ‘snail mail’ version of this letter, too, because we want to make sure everyone gets the news.  In addition, I’ll be visiting each Sunday School Class Sunday to answer questions.


Steve Heyduck