Well, there is stuff coming! While all of the building plans and building sales are working their way out, we still have to take the time to assess our health and our motivations for growth. We want to ensure that we are doing as God calls us to do, not just what we have always done. In our efforts to help Euless First put our best foot forward, we are going to be taking some time to assess where we are and what we need to do to move forward.
We have acquired the help of Paul Nixon as coach and consultant. While we have had a couple of conversations with Paul, he will be coming to visit us September 9 & 10. This time will be full of meetings and will conclude with some suggested steps to help us move forward in the best manner.
This time together will not be the end of our relationship. Paul will be in contact with leadership regularly over the next year to give us encouragement and help us take the steps needed to move and grow!

Leading up to his coming we will also be conducting a Readiness 360 evaluation. This will be an online evaluation that will look at all aspects of Euless First. We will need everyone’s help in completing this survey. Please click here to complete the survey, and our congregation’s survey code: 7836661188. Please complete the survey by September 3.

All research says that changing locations is similar to launching a new church. We will have more visitors when we move than at any other time. It is a time for us to grow in our faith, and continue to be a vital part of this community, and make more disciples for Jesus in the process. We hope you will be in prayer for this journey and support all of our efforts!