When the decision is made to relocate and build, there is a LOT to do!

For example, we are hard at work right now in pursuit of the Special Use Permit required for building a church on a site zoned commercial. This is a 3-month process and requires preliminary site plans and elevations (drawings) of our new facility to be done by the end of August. These are very preliminary plans!

During this process, the Building Committee will share the drawings with the congregation as a whole.

Another vital point of information is that the Building Committee has retained the services of an Owners Representative. The Ratliff Group will be serving us throughout this process by overseeing contracts, the bidding process, and many other aspects of the building program.

Your Building Committee is working tirelessly to keep this project on schedule.  They are Judy Tribble, Janna Hamm, Jennifer Tindel, Lynne Moffatt, Kyle Lewis, Stan Lewiecki, and Jerry Maoloney, Jr. Please keep them in your prayers.