With the Church Conference coming up this Sunday morning, we thought it would be helpful to share with you a collection of many of the questions we have received about this step in our moving forward. Here are a “FAQ,” or, Frequently Asked Questions. Of course, if you have issues that this doesn’t answer, we encourage you to call the church office at 817-283-4421 or email Steve Heyduck at Steve@fumceuless.org

Will we still need a capital campaign?
Yes— and the answer is both financial and spiritual. We are blessed financially. But if we plan only based on the money we have received and will receive from the property sale, then we have no investment of our own. Spiritually we need to be invested if we are to take ownership of and be faithful stewards of all that God is blessing us with.
Do we have any debt currently?
No—we became debt free in 2016., thanks to the generosity and faithfulness of so many members.
Are we going to retain the Highway 183 billboard?
Yes—we are working out details, but we have been clear in our negotiations of our intent to keep the rights to the billboard. We are in year 3 of a 20-year lease with Clear Channel Outdoor Advertising.
How long can we stay in our current facility?
We have two years to complete our new facility and vacate 106 N Main Street. Should we need to stay longer we should expect to lease our current facility back from the developer that is purchasing it.
Have we communicated with the neighborhoods surrounding the Ash Lane Property?
No—the Ash Lane property is a few blocks from Lakewood Elementary and backs up to a very nice neighborhood and apartment complex. We are excited about the possibility of being part of a neighborhood.
Did we have to pay a realtor?
No – we handled the sale of our property directly with the developer. Purchasing the Ash Lane—the seller will pay commission. We will have no realtor fees.
Will we have to cut down trees?
We are excited to be purchasing a property with trees on it. We will be working with our architect to develop campus design to incorporate the trees. It is likely some trees will need to be removed.
How does the preschool feel about the Ash Lane property?
The preschool is excited about the location and the possibilities of a new building and playground. The preschool’s 50+ year reputation has enrollment at levels we have not seen in 30 years. We expect this move only to enhance this outreach ministry of our church.
Do we expect the hills and rock formations to be an issue at the Ash Lane Property?
We have a four month due to diligence phase of the contract to ensure that we can build on that site. We will be doing soil testing with a local geotechnical company.
Is the Ash Lane site one of two parcels?
The Ash Lane site has two separate sites, owned by different parties, making up 5.2 acres. One real estate company represents the two sites together, though, to ensure a sale of both properties.
What about access to the new site?
The new location features frontage on two roads, Ash and Lakeside, in addition to Industrial Boulevard. There is a traffic light at Lakeshore and Industrial. No decision has been made yet as to what ingress and egress will be for the new site, but we have many options!
When will building begin on our Main Street east property?
The offer for 5 million we initially received has increased rather dramatically. Part of the reason for this is the developer increased their offer to us if we would allow them to start developing the East Parcel immediately. They will install an eight ft fence on the East side of our new parking lot and begin actual construction most likely in 2018. At this time, we do not know what kind of businesses will be built on the property, but it is probable to be retail, restaurants or a hotel.
Will we get an opportunity to give input into the building plans for our new structure?
Yes, The Board of Trustee will be organizing a Building Committee, and we expect many subcommittees throughout this process. Please be praying about how you may help! Each year in the August-September we begin filling committee positions including Board of Trustees, Finance, Staff Parish, and Church Council. All of these committees will be involved, and we can use additional volunteers!
Will our historical marker go with us?
Yes, the historical marker can move with us. We need to apply to make that happen officially.
Will our smokehouse go with us?
It is too early in our process to be able to determine what can go and what can’t!
Whey didn’t we select a site in S Euless?
The real estate team reviewed 13 sites throughout Euless and surrounding areas! Through quite a bit of research, and with the aid of a realtor, we reduced 13 to 1 site.
Are we too close to Martin Methodist Church?
Our new location would be slightly closer to Martin Methodist Church. We have met with the District Board on Church Building and Location, which approved this site. Our District Superintendent, the incoming Director of Church Growth and Development for the Central Texas Conference, and Bishop Lowry have all also supported this site.
Will we have to pay for the demolition of our building?
We will not incur a cost for demolition of our building. Also, written into the contract for sale is a clause that limits our expenses regarding asbestos abatement.
Can we take our stained glass windows with us?
During the negotiation process, we were clear that there were items in the structure that are valuable to us and that we wish to take with us. The purchaser understands that, and we expect to take things like the stained glass windows with us.
Will we have the same building committee?
The previous Building Committee has accomplished its work. We will, however, begin with members of that committee in considering the naming of a new building committee.
How will this move affect the food pantry?
The Food Pantry is one of the leading ministries of our church! We expect our new facility to improve the experience and efficiency of our food pantry. Currently, we have a cumbersome storage system strewn across numerous rooms around our church. One of our most important goals is to have improved upon our current processes.
Will our Administrative offices remain off site?
It is too early in the process to determine for sure—but it is very likely our admin offices will be at the new site. Our current lease at the Chase Bank Building is through 4/18. At that time it is possible we will house the admin function back at our Main Street Property.
Why can’t we just stay at Main Street?
The Board of Trustees and ministries of the church feels that the church’s access and safety have further declined. Our recent land loss is the 4th right of way taking in 50 years, and we believe there might risk of more in the future. On the west side, there is a wall within inches of our front door. On the north, the service road is less than 40 feet away, and the plan is for additional raised lanes later. Also, our structure needs major renovations that would take years to complete. We have an excellent opportunity to create a new facility with outstanding curb appeal and build on the rich history we have in Euless with added ministries.
Do we expect a new building to foster growth?
We do believe a more efficient and more attractive building will encourage growth, but that is just one part of the equation. Our ministries and mission must improve as well to meet the needs of the explosive growth that Euless is experiencing. We believe this gives us an excellent opportunity to revitalize and reshape our church for a bright future.