As I (Pastor Steve) write this, the Building Committee has conducted a series of meetings with the congregation about the new building. The intent is to get as much information about what we value to the architects as early in the process as possible!

Here is an update from the Real Estate Committee: The purchase agreements on both the sale of our property and the purchase of our new property have been executed. We are now in a period of due diligence in advance of closing on both deals.

All through this process, from long before relocation was decided upon, we have been in close communication, as appropriate, with leadership at the City of Euless. They have been supportive in every way imaginable, and continue to work with us as we need.  If you know any City of Euless leaders or employees, thank them!

Also, the next couple of years promise to be full of excitement, but also full of stress. Remember that the highway expansion project that precipitated all of this actually began almost 4 years ago. We have had highs and lows all along the way, and, as a church family, we have faced the challenges together, and grown closer.

There is not a time of life that is stress-free, but there will be a time that the kinds of extra stresses we face as a church right now will be behind us.  Let’s continue to hold one another in prayer until then!