Psalm 17 Steve Heyduck

Have you ever prayed this Psalm? Have you ever insisted to God that you be heard?

Do you ever feel like God isn’t listening, or that what you have to say is not worth saying to God?

This and other Psalms say things that some of us cannot imagine ourselves saying to God. I think that’s part of why they are in the Bible. Those of us raised in the American South and many other parts of the world were raised to be polite. I read this week that some men were even taught that if they took the last helping of something at a family meal they would never get a wife!

Decorum and manners still have their place! In fact, one of the youth I served as youth director several years ago actually taught me to say “yes sir,” “no sir,” “yes ma’am,” and “no ma’am” almost automatically. It wasn’t that I didn’t show respect before that, but his consistency made a strong impression on me.

At the same time, Psalms like this one remind us we can be ourselves in conversation with God, that we can say what we are feeling and how we are feeling, and God will hear us. More than that, that God will listen to us!

If you ever catch yourself feeling like God isn’t listening, or like what you have to say isn’t worth bothering God about, read a Psalm. Then say what you’ve got to say.

Prayer: For those who feel their prayers aren’t heard