Psalm 150 Rachel Heyduck

Perseverance: the word makes me think of Eliza in a cast. Eliza is our daughter and she needed a hip procedure when she was only 18 months old.  She would be in a body cast for 6 months following the procedure. Before the cast went on, we took a walk around the hospital to make her feel more comfortable about being there. We went to the “playroom,” and she loved it! After getting her cast on, she was frustrated and uncomfortable. We took her back to the playroom, hoping it would calm her down. Instead, it frustrated her more. She could no longer move about and get the toys she wanted without asking. She was mad. We left the hospital for home, and the only thing I found that calmed her for the first week were cartoons (she hadn’t watched a lot of TV before then).

After a couple of weeks, she was scooting around, climbing stairs, and going down the playground slide, face first, by herself. She was able to balance herself on her two feet so that she could look into the toy chest and get out toys. It was hard being in a cast that covered her entire body, but she persevered. She kept trying and trying and was able to do it.

When it comes to the Psalms, I wonder if many were written as a sign of perseverance. The authors did not always believe the words as they wrote them, but kept trying and trying to understand them and incorporate them in their lives. We do not always feel like praising God as this Psalm indicates. However, if we repeat them over and over, it becomes who we are. If we try again and again, eventually praise, peace, and understanding will come. Maybe not the first time a Psalm is read, but eventually, it will. Hang in there, persevere, and it will happen.

Prayer: For the ability to offer praise to God.