Psalm 114 Steve Heyduck

When I was a graduate student at Baylor, one of my responsibilities was to compile the articles one of my professors had written over a 35 year career. He had decided to publish the collection in book form. I got very familiar with these articles, reading and rereading them, over and over again on the screen and on paper.

It didn’t take long before I began to notice repetition. I don’t mean just repetition of themes; repetition of themes would be expected; this person had been a leading scholar in a very narrow area of American History for several decades! I mean I found paragraphs in several different articles that were identical to each other!

But as I read these I recognized something about myself. I have stories that I tell over and over again. You have heard some of them. You might have heard some of them more than once. I bet you have some stories that you tell more than once.

This is what we do with stories, especially stories that are important to us. What stories we tell over and over says something about us, too.

Psalm 114 is one of those stories for God’s people. It is a telling of the story of the exodus, of God’s delivering God’s people from slavery and to the Promised Land. It is a story of God’s faithfulness.

Re-read Psalm 114, this time keeping in mind that this is a familiar story, but that it is also your story, because you are one of God’s people, and this is a story worth telling over and over again!

Prayer: Gratitude for God’s faithfulness