1 Corinthians 1:18-25 Steve Heyduck

How much do you think you have to understand about Jesus to be a follower? We have made following Jesus about understanding Jesus. For many churches, a look at their program offerings would lead one to think that “the more I study the Bible or books about the Bible, the better a disciple I’ll be.”

Do you have to be able to explain the Trinity? Do you imagine there will be a test when you get to the pearly gates?

I admit I want to get my mind around everything, I believe the Holy Spirit has been leading me away from this expectation. I believe this is true because learning about Jesus does not necessarily lead one to follow Jesus.

Loving God, being loved by God, and following Jesus do not depend on understanding or intelligence! Requiring or expecting any particular level of understanding ends up being a stumbling block or foolishness.

Let’s practice following Jesus in the ways we are able, and the ways we understand. As we practice, I believe we will find our understanding grows and deepens.

Prayer: For unity in the church