Revelation 1:4-8 Steve Heyduck

Writing a devotional from a reading in the book of Revelation is the definition of (this week’s theme) perseverance, isn’t it? Maybe not. Maybe the definition of perseverance is reading a devotional on a reading from the book of Revelation.

Whatever else one might think of Revelation, we can all agree it is not quite like any other book of the Bible. We don’t read it the same way; in fact, for the most part, we just don’t read it. It is full of imagery that seems to have been written for CGI and special effects, though it was written more than 1900 years ago. Reading all the way through Revelation is unsettling, no matter who you are!

Which actually makes today’s reading calming and encouraging. This short passage from the opening chapter is a reminder that the purpose of the book of Revelation was to offer “grace and peace” to its readers. Our God is a God of grace and peace who wants all his people to have and to know grace and peace.

Sometime today you’ll likely have an opportunity to forget that God wants to give you a life of grace and peace. This opportunity may not seem as surreal as the imagery of the book of Revelation. Don’t let it distract you. Don’t let it separate you from the knowledge that God offers you grace and peace. Remember the God who offers you grace and peace is present!

Prayer: For us to recognize God’s presence