John 20:19-31 Kerin Stascinsky

While in Mexico for work this week, I received the news that our Children’s ministry staff person had resigned from her position.  We don’t always know the details of these types of situations, and it’s difficult when people we care about transition.  We not only now have a gap in the staff work that needs to be done, but there is also a gap in our relationships.  Some others who have long been members of our church have chosen to leave without this relationship.

I think it’s very human to be like Thomas here, to ask for tangible proof – we want to see some evidence in order to believe.  We want to know for sure that our faith is not misplaced; that we aren’t making a mistake.  As a church we are going through many changes with the new building and planned move.  Some of these changes are very carefully planned, and others, like Jamie leaving, are not.

Yet, each and every one of us has experienced something within this transition where we have had to actively choose to stop doubting and to believe.  It’s not easy to be a part of a community of faith, and even less so to choose to be a part of it in the times involving change.  Our best selves as well as our worst selves are brought to the forefront.  Our doubt and our faith are both ever present companions.

We have to choose to believe in spite of doubt that the changes in our church will allow us to grow, will allow us to better minister to the community we are a part of, will allow us to adapt to a culture that has needs different from what we’ve been able to minister to before.  We have to cling to the opportunities to change and grow and make it to the other side, so that we see Jesus anew, and do so together.

Faith right now is choosing to believe that Jamie’s moving on is an opportunity.  Even if it is like the opportunity of a mobile food bank that we never appreciated until we touched it. 

Prayer: For the courage to follow Jesus’s way of life