Psalm 103 Steve Heyduck

The 120th Psalm is a “pilgrimage song.” These Psalms were sung or said as God’s people made their way to Jerusalem for Passover or to bring offerings or sacrifices to the Temple.

This pilgrimage song seems to imply that its reader or singer is alone, or feels alone, and in trouble. He or she is reminding themselves of God’s faithfulness and God’s presence.

On this day, Holy Saturday, the full day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we do our best to spend some time imagining ourselves between those two days. Most of us really cannot imagine how it would have felt, for Jesus’ first followers, on that day after the crucifixion and before the resurrection. If they even remembered his teachings that he would rise, those memories likely offered little hope. People don’t just rise from the dead – they knew this the same way you and I do.

This side of Easter, the side you and I have lived our entire lives on, though, it can be hard to let ourselves imagine the despondency they must have felt.

But, then, don’t we all feel that way sometimes? Even though we know Jesus rose, and in rising defeated sin, death and hell, if we are honest with ourselves, we do feel this way sometimes. Let yourself feel that today; this day between death and victory. It will likely make tomorrow’s celebration all the sweeter!

Prayer: For all who feel caught between death and life