Psalm 100 Rachel Heyduck

It seems to me that it is way too easy to get down on ourselves. We make a mistake, and we can get so down. I know I struggle with this. I go over and over in my head what I could have done differently, hoping I can stop myself from making the same mistake again.  I don’t necessarily make the same mistake again, but I still make mistakes. I step on someone’s toes (metaphorically), stick my foot in my mouth (again, that is a metaphor), and I struggle to see my value.

Mostly, I do this, not because I do not see my value or like myself, but because I don’t want to be a person that thinks they do nothing wrong and thus have nothing to improve. We are all children of God working to be more and more like Christ, and therefore have something to work towards continually. However, once you start looking at how you can improve, it can be hard not to see that there is more that needs to be improved. It can get us into a vicious cycle.

The Psalms so beautifully remind us of the wide variations of human feelings and emotions. They can bring us peace amid struggle and can give us a place to lament our anger at the world (and sometimes God). For me, they help me to go back to the reality that God loves me so completely, and it endures forever!

Prayer: That we might hunger for following Jesus