Acts 5:17-32 Rachel Mumawm

If you would, please imagine that you’re watching these verses as if it’s a movie for a moment. The high priest and the Sadducees in their fancy robes smile gleefully as the apostles are marched into a prison. Maybe the high priest is calling them blasphemers that will trouble the people of Jerusalem no longer. How can they, they’re being put behind locked doors! No one can get out of their prison! All of the religious officials head home for the evening and go to sleep, dreaming peacefully of finally getting rid of these rabble-rousers once and for all.

The next morning, the high priest and his colleagues convene the Jerusalem Council with all of the pomp and circumstance required for the occasion. Sitting on his chair, the high priest solemnly orders the rabble-rousers from yesterday brought before them. A murmur rises in the court as the guards leave for the nearby prison. All of the Jerusalem Council saw the men get arrested yesterday, what would the apostles do when they were brought in to court? Would they be silent, or would they continue to blaspheme?

Suddenly the doors fly open, and a guard runs into the room. He’s panting, hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath. But the high priest is impatient:

“Well?” He demands, “have you brought the apostles?”

The guard continues to pant, searching for breath and words. When the high priest demands an answer from him again, he squeaks out:

“They’re not in the prison! They’re preaching in the Temple!”

Just imagine what the high priest’s face would’ve looked like when he heard that!

Oftentimes we can think of the Bible as just a dry textbook with rules and morals and directions on how to live a good life. But in reality it’s a thrilling, shocking, dramatic, sometimes comedic book full of stories of people’s lives and adventures. Even though Lent is supposed to be a time of somber reflection, I invite you today to find the life in the Bible – the adventure, the drama, and the comedy.

Prayer: For the persecuted