Joshua 4:1-7 Rachel Heyduck

“Were You There” is one of my favorite Good Friday hymns. I think I sang it as a teen with my vocal coach. It was higher than I was used to, but it made an impact on me.

None of us were there, but we can all feel the impact of Jesus’ death. I imagine a sense of hopelessness like never before, and the darkness that was closing in.

Today’s scripture is not about the story of Jesus’ crucifixion; instead, it is about the nation of Israel crossing the Jordan after the Exodus. They remembered all that they had experienced, plagues and the crossing of the Red Sea with an army chasing them. Then, when they got to the Jordan River, and it dried up just enough so that they could safely pass through it too. The Israelites were instructed to gather stones to remember each tribe of Israel. Then for generations, they will have something to remember their journey to this point.

None of us were there for the killing of Christ, but we remember that day. We walk through the Stations of the Cross; we carry the grief of Peter and the twelve. We worship God, and we remember the cross. Today, we remember the despair and acknowledge our own despair and sadness. Easter will come, but today we sit in the sorrow and remember.      

Prayer: For time to sit in the grief