Luke 24:13-35 Rachel Mumaw

Well we’re still in Lent, so this story is getting a little ahead of ourselves, but it’s a good one. It has been three days since Jesus was crucified and Cleopas and his friend, another one of Jesus’s disciples, are on their way to Emmaus. They are trying to decipher what Jesus’s crucifixion means, but in the end, it is only Jesus who can explain it to them. Jesus does so by going back through the Prophets, putting everything in what is today the Bible into context. Unfortunately we don’t know exactly how he explained things to them, but it does give us a model for how we should read and study the Bible. Just as Jesus used the Torah (our Old Testament) to explain what was going on to Cleopas and his friend, studying Scripture in its entirety rather than focusing on the parts we like gives a deeper, clearer meaning to the Word. If you want to practice this, look up Isaiah 58 and compare it with the accounts in the Gospels of Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection. I bet you’ll come away with a better understanding of what all of those passages mean!

Prayer: For the ability to recognize Jesus