Matthew 28: 1-7 Rachel Heyduck 

We have heard this story over and over again. Each year we hear the miraculous news of the Marys visiting the tomb of Jesus and finding it empty. We know of the angel’s reassurance to not be afraid. No matter how many times we hear the story, it never feels old.

When I graduated from high school, my uncle and his family gave me a James Avery necklace. It was a butterfly with four equal-sized wings turned 45 degrees, so it resembled a cross. I thought it was beautiful, but I didn’t start wearing it until I was a sophomore in college.

My freshman year of college was tough. I had had my first serious relationship fall apart, I was depressed (it was so much change), I struggled with roommates (one I had to file a missing person’s report on), then I dated another guy. In all of it, I found myself trying to be what people wanted me to be instead of just being me. I didn’t know how to be comfortable in my own skin.

That spring, toward the end of my challenging year, Easter came. Jesus died, but the tomb was empty! I had returned to my home church, I needed a rebirth, a resurrection of myself. I needed to see the beauty within myself. I needed a reminder that with God in my life, I didn’t need to change for anyone! I was beautiful and wonderful, just as I am.

That Easter I put my butterfly cross necklace on and I wore it every day until it broke sometime in 2018. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection are visualized in the butterfly. We see Christ’s simple beginnings, beautiful life, and the great transformation. My life is forever different because of my relationship with Christ. I may no longer have the necklace to remind me of this transformation, but I will always have the story of the Marys finding the tomb empty. Spread your wings this Easter and find your inner butterfly.

Prayer: To know God’s love so much we see our own inner beauty