We have a Church Conference scheduled for Sunday, July 8th, immediately following the second worship service. Our District Superintendent, Rev. Ben Disney, will be here to preside.

The purpose will be to approve a purchase agreement with the current owners of the Ash Lane properties. These are the same properties we voted overwhelmingly to buy last June.

The Purchase Agreement before us on July 8th is for the same amount as that vote as well. There are a couple of differences in terms between this time and last, and we’ll offer at least a couple of opportunities for you to learn all the details before the vote.

We are currently putting together plans for an informational meeting in advance of the Church Conference during the Sunday School hour on July 1st 9:40-10:00 a.m. (we will stay past 10:00 for any that wish to stay and ask questions) on July 1st, and a question answer
during the Sunday School hour on July 8th.

Also, following the meetings we had in late May and early June, we will be calling the Building Committee back to work in the near future to take up preparations again.