SO MANY of you have expressed delight at the groundbreaking ceremony last month! It was a very exciting and uplifting time! In a way,
this was a final step of a long journey, yet in another way, it was the first real step toward a new building on new land. In actuality, like every step in our lives, it was a step in a long journey of faithfulness in the direction we believe God is leading us.

As I am writing this (Monday, September 16th), Muckleroy & Falls is beginning to prepare the Ash Lane site for about a year’s worth of construction! Please take pictures of the site as you drive by over the next year.

A friend of mine shared a Winston Churchill quote with me about 5 years ago. “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” We will find over the next few years, that our understanding of ministry, of worship, and even of God have been shaped by the building we have been blessed with for the last several decades.

We will also find that the new building will not serve us in ministry or in worship exactly as this building has. No matter how excited we are about the new building, each of us will find ourselves, at least once, lamenting that it isn’t like the old building (our current building).

I hope you’ll join me in admitting it when this happens to you. There won’t be any going back, but acknowledging the change will make it easier for us to dream the ways God can inspire and bless our efforts in our new place.