Will the Bell Tower remain where it is ? The new property line will be very close to the Bell Tower.  We expect it will removed and we will store the bell till we determine where it will fit into our new master plan.

Will the trees be cut down? We believe a few trees will be removed with highway construction. We are hopeful the remaining trees will be able to withstand all the disruptions of construction nearby.

Will Main Street be getting a median? We expect a median to be built on Main street which will eliminate a North turning lane into our parking lot.   The master plan does include a new entrance to our campus off of the hwy 183 service road but we are unsure of that completion date.

When will the Main Street bridge be complete? The latest projections are expecting a September, 2017 completion.  But this is always subject to change.

Will we still be able to use the Main Street Sanctuary doors during the highway construction? Yes,  We expect those doors to be used as an entrance to the sanctuary.

What are we doing with the church signs and playground that are being displaced? The church signs and playground equipment are being stored on site until we determine their future placement. We are working to get temporary signage during construction.

Will we be getting a new playground? Yes — we plan on a new and expanded playground in our master plan.

What can we expect in the next 12-24 months on our campus?  The building committee is working with an architect currently on plans to create a campus that will serve the needs of our community for many years to come.  The building committee will be sharing their recommendations all along the way.

Why don’t we move to  a new location in Euless and build new? Your building committee are reviewing this option and we will make a decision in early 2017. Whether staying or moving is fiscally responsible and insures we are serving the Euless community best.

Is the Digital billboard on the east end of our property being affected by Highway construction? No, our Billboard remains on our property and is not affected.

When do we receive the money from the state for our settlement? We expect to receive the money in early 2017.   We have a committee who will be making recommendations to the Board of Trustees and finance teams to best manage this money until it is needed.

How long will  the Admin Offices be offsite? We signed a lease for 18 months at the Chase Bank Building on Highway 10 and Industrial Blvd.  We will be working closely with the Board of Trustees and the Building committee to determine our long term campus plans.

How will folks needing assistance find us? To receive financial assistance through the Pastor’s Emergency Fund, one is required to call the office on Tuesday mornings. If funds are available persons will then be told the new location of the office. While we can not guarantee people will not go to the Church building first, or just drop by, we have signs at the church with our new office address and phone number (which has not changed).