Wow! Have you seen the recent pictures of the property? There is a video of the progress that’s been made on our new building, and we want you to see it. We have posted it on social media and have it in the announcement loop around the church. We had a fantastic event on November 11 for those people that have pledged to the I Will campaign. We walked around the property and heard the most recent update. The dirt work (to ensure that the dirt will drain water properly under the foundation) is nearing completion. They will begin drilling and pouring cement into the 22 pillars around the property next. They will also start building the 16-foot retaining wall behind the sanctuary. After all the pillars are poured, they will be tied together with beams, and then in January (weather permitting), they will pour the foundation! We are so very excited about the future of Euless First. Author Steven Pressfield wrote, “The more important an activity is to your soul’s evolution, the more resistance you will feel.” We are doing a lot of activity for the evolution of Euless First’s soul at this time so we are feeling a lot of resistance. But this is important work! Let’s lean into God and move forward with faith knowing God is calling us to change and grow!