Thursday, April 11        Luke 18:31-34       Rev. Steve Heyduck

31 Jesus took the Twelve aside and said, “Look, we’re going up to Jerusalem, and everything written about the Human One by the prophets will be accomplished. 32  He will be handed over to the Gentiles. He will be ridiculed, mistreated, and spit on. 33 After torturing him, they will kill him. On the third day, he will rise up.” 34 But the Twelve understood none of these words. The meaning of this message was hidden from them and they didn’t grasp what he was saying.

Luke tells us these two things:

  1. That Jesus told his disciples that he would be handed over, ridiculed, mistreated, spit upon, tortured, killed, and resurrected, and
  2. That the disciples “understood none of these words” because the meaning was hidden from them

Why does Luke do this?

Here’s what I think. Luke presents Jesus as radically open and honest with his followers. He doesn’t hold anything back. They are his followers, but they are also his friends. They have given up their own lives to follow, and Jesus respects that.

And the meaning was hidden from them (again, this is what I think) because they were not ready to handle what God was doing. God was doing something mind-blowingly big in Jesus, and the disciples, Jesus’ closest, most committed followers, couldn’t grasp it.

Luke’s next book, the book of Acts, is all about what the disciples, now Apostles, did as they began to grasp the meaning of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. They were able to grasp it because, by the presence of the Holy Spirit, they started to live it.

As you move toward Easter, Jesus’ resurrection, give yourself grace by admitting that maybe you haven’t grasped the full meaning of what Jesus did. Then give yourself to God, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you live in the resurrection.

Prayer: God, help us to live in the resurrection. To live into love that would overcome death, and so much more.