Debbie Ford said, “if you can’t allow the dark to exist, you can’t allow the light.” Debbie was a spiritual person, a self-help writer, and she died of cancer in 2013. She knew the dark. She knew the pain of living and dying of cancer and of leaving a son. We all have these dark spots in our lives. Divorce, loss of a job, disabilities, grief, pain, mental health challenges, estranged relationships, to name only a few. Advent is the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. Advent is a time to prepare our hearts and lives for the arrival of Christ. Christ does not take away the darkness in this world, but he brings the light into the darkness. We can not take away all of the struggles that happen to us! We know that God will make it all better in the end. For now, and in our preparation for the season, we know that suffering is a part of life, but we want to welcome light into our darkness. Richard Rohr said, “If we do not transform suffering, we will transmit suffering to those around us.” Let in the light to transform our suffering! Join us this December, as we find a way to go towards the light, and let it transform us! We have published an Advent book to guide us through the season with worship, devotionals, kids’ activities, and more!